by John Kinstler

This suite of Biomass Energy appliances, a Fuel Briquette Press Station and The Pyrodyne (shown), recovers the residual energy in common, urban household waste. The fuel for the Pyrodyne can be made from junk mail, newspaper, cardboard, and coffee grounds. These materials are soaked, pressed into briquettes with the Briquette Press Station, and dried in the integral drying rack system of the Pyrodyne. Once dry, they are thermo-chemically converted in a reduction burning environment, using the Pyrodyne, into a high-energy, combustible gas that can drive an automobile engine or an electrical generator; or they can simply be used to cook for family and friends in any grill.

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  1. This is an interesting invention. I hope more areas learn about this equipment; more money and energy could be saved because of this.