by Cara Ellis

Today’s pursuit of sustainable architecture has sometimes pointed to extreme, curvy or irregular forms as a means to enhance building performance. Such structures require customized, non-homogenous components, and are often complex and costly to produce. The Digeotruss project proposes a middle ground between contemporary digital fabrication techniques and feasible construction. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome, the Digeotruss system uses geometry to achieve irregularly curved structures that are self-supporting and strong. The GFRY kiosk is the first full-scale prototype of a Digeotruss structure. Constructed of planar birch plywood and steel tensioning cable, the kiosk requires no custom joints or angled cuts. It was fabricated in-house at SAIC and assembled by the GFRY team.

Special Thanks to:
Tuan Nguyen, digital collaborator
The GFRY team
Johnson Marine

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  1. It has come to life beautifully... Bravo! Love, Liv